BF 2011-2012 p56-enjeu smallA new ambition: “Monaco for Finance”

To show that it genuinely exists, Monaco’s financial market has to  be reactive and imaginative. Its promotion should be encouraged by the creation of a label.

BF 2011-2012 p72-deontologie smallEthics concern more than the money markets. Compliance officers ensure that their banks or management companies offer unimpeachable services. Presentation.

BF 2011-2012 p70-deontologie smallEnsuring compliance with regulations, but also promoting the attractiveness and high quality of the financial market: these are the goals of the Commission.

BF 2011-2012 p68-legislation smallThe Service for Information and Control of Financial Circuits (SICCFIN) was founded 17 years ago, and its missions have been extended by the new law on the fight against money laundering, terrorist financing and corruption, voted in 2009.

BF 2011-2012 p66-richesse smallOn Thursday 9 June, under the high patronage of H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince, ACI Monaco will celebrate its 20th anniversary at the Hermitage Hotel. An opportunity for the Financial Markets Association to review these two eventful decades, marked by a series of high-level meetings and symposia and the training of future local financial experts.

BF 2011-2012 p58-ium smallThe work of a dozen MBA students should help financial market professionals gain a better understanding of their main competitors so as to make their communication more effective. Analysis of a new and unusual initiative.

BF 2011-2012 p54-formation smallITB: a doorway to banking

The Institut Technique de Banque (ITB), present in 25 countries, offers high-level training to develop the skills of technical staff and local managers in retail banking.

BF 2011-2012 p52-formation smallChanges in the banking sector imply the training of experienced professionals.  A process that can continue throughout their careers.

BF 2011-2012 p40-conciliation smallConciliation, mediation and arbitration in financial disputes

Alternatives modes of settlement of disputes between banks and their clients could be an advantage for the development of the financial market.

BF 2011-2012 p30-gestioncol small

There are nine recognized collective management companies in the Principality, running 65 funds with €5.2 billion under management. A significant “plus” for Monaco’s financial market.

BF 2011-2012 p14-sepa smallSEPA: The Principality activates migration towards the new European payment systems

The creation of an internal market with payment in euros is under way. Monaco is committed to the single area comprising 32 European states and is making rapid progress.

BF 2010-2011 p16-ocde smallToday the Principality of Monaco can claim to have implemented a foreign policy that is in line with the requirements and constraints of international standards relating to fiscal transparency. The direct result of this active policy is that since September 2009 the name of the Principality of Monaco has featured on the OECD’s White List, meaning that the country’s desire to cooperate in tax matters has been acknowledged, while it remains internationally competitive.

BF 2010-2011 p20-financeverte smallAs from 2002, the Constitutional Reserve Fund of the Principality decided to include “green financing” funds in its investment portfolio. This policy was confirmed on the occasion of a major international call for proposals launched in 2009, the first of its kind for the management of State reserves. In the process of a strategic reallocation of the portfolio to diversify asset classes, a significant part of the allocation is now devoted to an “Environment Sustainable Development Shares” pocket.

BF 2010-2011 p30-microfinance smallAt the instigation of H.S.H. Prince Albert II, the Government of the Principality has launched an ambitious policy of international cooperation for development, with the fight against poverty as its main aim.

BF 2010-2011 p34-prudentielles smallA corner stone of common law is that a person may broadly speaking leave his or her assets to whomever he or she wishes. Monaco, however is a civil law jurisdiction that applies the rules of forced heirship.

BF 2010-2011 p56-braquage smallMonaco’s Director of Public Security asserts that the Principality is a very open country, and that good preventive measures alone allow bank security to be maintained. Interview.