CCIN - Commission for the Control of Personally Identifiable Information

The Commission for Control of Personally Identifiable Information is an independent Administrative Authority created by law number 1.165 of December 23rd, 1993, as modified

As an Authority, it has its own powers (of recommendation, decision, proposal for regulation, warning or formal notice and summons).

As an administrative body, it acts “in the name of the State” and enjoys by delegation some of the prerogatives of the administration (control, verification, authorization).

Independent from controlled sectors and the public authorities, it is not subject to hierarchical command.
It acts “in the name of the State and possesses real powers, without being in any way subject to the authority of the Government”.

The CCIN’s mission is to ensure that the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals are protected in a specific domain: the use of their personal information.
It ensures that computer processing of these data does not violate the private life of subjects, nor restrict their freedom of movement or freedom of conscience.

In this context its mission is to:

  • Record and examine cases
  • Offer advice and make proposals
  • Monitor and investigate



CCIN - Commission for the Control of Personally Identifiable Information
12, avenue de Fontvieille - 98000 Monaco
Tel: +377 97 70 22 44 - Fax: +377 97 70 22 45 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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