CCIN - Commission for the Control of Personally Identifiable Information

The Monegasque authorities for the protection of personal data

The Commission de Contrôle des Informations Nominatives (CCIN) is an independent administrative authority founded under the law article number 1.165 of 23 December 1993, amended.

Authority provides in its own right the authorities (recommendations, decisional, regulatory proposals, warnings or indictments).

Administrative acts in the name of the government according to the competences devolved upon the administration delegated to it (such as, control, verification, authorisation).

Independent of the controlled sectors and public authorities, the Commission is not subject to the directives of any authority.

The Members of the Commission

The Commission is composed of six Members who are named for five years. Irrevocably, they cannot receive instructions from any authority. Members of the commission are appointed by Sovereign Ordinance according to the proposal of six authorities or Monegasque institutions as a result of their expertise:

  • The Minister of State
  • The National Council
  • The Council of State
  • The Town Council
  • The Economic and Social Council
  • The Director of Judicial Services

To ensure the independence of the commission, the Sovereign Ordinance number 2.230 that determines the terms and conditions of the amended application, stated in Article 5 that “the quality of the Member of the commission is incompatible with that of:

  • National or Town Counsellor
  • State Counsellor
  • Magistrate in activity, except for Members proposed by the Director of the Judicial Services
  • Civil servant or officer of the State, Town or public establishment still in activity
  • The accomplishment of functions or the holding of actions in a Monegasque or foreign company contributing to the manufacturing of hardware or material used in the fabrication of computers or in telecommunications or to supply computer or telecommunication services”