Mr. Jean-Luc Delcroix: "constantly changing organisations"

2018 07 Jean Luc Delcroix

Monaco Post Office comprises 6 branches, with a seventh in the Larvotto district shortly, 180 employees in all sectors. Constantly evolving multifunctional expertise is needed to manage this delivery liner. Meet its Director, Mr. Jean-Luc Delcroix.

The mail sorting centre has been relocated from Nice to Toulon. Why was it moved?

There is a need to concentrate the sorting centres in France because of the drop in mail volume: 8% per annum to date. Previously there was one sorting centre per department, soon we’ll have around thirty in France. Parcel distribution, on the other hand, is developing very rapidly as it is impacted by the growth of e-commerce. So new parcel sorting platforms are being developed, including on the Côte d’Azur.

In Monaco, how are the effects of moving the sorting centre being managed?

The transfer is being completed in two stages:
Stage 1 on 11 June, for outgoing mail.
The second stage, for incoming mail, will take place at the end of October.
Since 11 June, the mail truck has left Monaco at 5.15 pm, whereas before it used to leave at 6.30 pm.
There is no change as regards the Colissimo and Chronopost services.

Practically speaking, what are the effects on users and businesses?

Mail is collected from the post-boxes on public roads at 2.00 pm instead of 2.45 pm.
The posting deadline at post offices (except for Monte Carlo Principal main post office) is 3.45 pm instead of 4.30 pm. For Monte-Carlo Principal it is 4.15pm instead of 5.00pm.
For Chronopost the posting deadline is unchanged: 17h.

Logically, with the mail truck leaving 1 hour 15 minutes earlier, mail collection should have been brought forward by the same time. Today it has been brought forward by ‘only’ 45 minutes. How have you gained that half hour?

We have sorted the mail with additional human resources, in line with our enduring objective of giving users the best service.

And in Stage 2?

The 1st mail truck arrived at 5.30 am and will arrive at 6.00 am.
The 2nd mail truck arrived at 6.45 am and will arrive at 7.40 am.
Mail delivery will start one hour later. There will be no change for parcels or Chronopost.

We have had to meet another challenge I’ll mention: in a few years in Monaco, we have moved from delivering 2000 parcels a day (maximum) to 4000 parcels a day (maximum). That means moving from organising 6 delivery rounds to 17 delivery rounds.

Some news: on 13 June, you made a commitment by signing the Charter of the National Covenant for Energy Transition, is that correct?

Absolutely, the Post Office has been making ‘green’ decisions for many years – paper recycling, air conditioning adjustment, regular attendance at the EVER fair. We have encouraged all our employees to commit also by signing their own covenant.
We have set ourselves another ambitious objective: to make the Monaco Post Office’s vehicle fleet 100% electric within 5 years. For the record, that involves 47 vehicles, 4-6 of which have 11m3 capacity.

To sum up?

Our job is exciting, as we employ participative management but with constantly changing organisations. Our next challenge is to deliver DPD platform parcels in Monaco. As the DPD group is Europe’s second largest parcel delivery network, that is a real challenge!