M. Dominique GUIGNARD : “Even in times of crisis, Monaco creates businesses and jobs.”

2014-10 ITW-Guignard

We met Dominique Guignard, Regional Director and Branch Manager of Banque Populaire Côte d’Azur in Monaco, at the new Monte Carlo Palace location at 9 boulevard des Moulins.

Banque Populaire was established in Monaco a long time ago…

14 years ago. We are a bank with a very global offering, a SME bank. Of course, this activity leads us to manage our customers’ wealth. We practice our corporate banking expertise, which leads us very naturally to carry out asset management for business managers and, beyond that, to develop a private banking offering particularly via a trading room in Monaco.

Are your customers international?

Yes, of course, on this point too we are fully in tune with the financial centre’s situation. We have Italian, Spanish, Anglo-Saxon and Belgian customers - and many other nationalities, whom we support in their move to Monaco in particular. The development of our business activities is partly due to our seniority in the financial centre, in addition to our proven expertise with businesses.
We have a strategic position in this niche, that through the proximity we cultivate with businesses daily, means we are able to differentiate ourselves.

From other Monaco banks?

Yes, and even from our parent company: while cultivating the same values as our Group, we serve a customer base that is generally speaking more international and more complex regarding their expectations in Monaco.

How do you see tomorrow’s bank in Monaco ?

The importance of regulation is becoming increasingly dominant, and I believe there will be no turning back. The challenge for the bank of tomorrow is to be able to offer everyone tailor-made solutions.

More specifically, we see many businesses setting up here, for at least 3 reasons:

  • company managers wish to set up their company and their project before they themselves move to Monaco.
  • whatever sector they operate in, they wish to use the prestigious and upscale image of Monaco through their company.
  • finally, they wish to benefit from the internationally open financial centre.

It is good to see that in Monaco also, these businesses benefit from targeted support for their set up and development. This is a very positive point, as even in times of crisis , Monaco creates businesses and jobs in this way.

Finally, I really believe that the quality of its services will distinguish the Monaco financial centre from the others in the future, both in the Corporate segment and in asset management. Hence the importance of professional certification, for example, that is an excellent initiative in this regard.