Michel Bouquier, "Monaco Private Label, a platform for international exchange"

2016 12 bouquier

Intended to attract a wealthy clientele, Monaco Private Label (MPL) established in 2009, continues to expand led by Michel Bouquier. For Monaco, this luxury and tourism professional has built an international network of decision makers, businessmen and opinion leaders attracted by two key words: confidentiality and security.

Is Monaco Private Label (MPL) a Club?

It is a lot more – rather a body comprising people of "very high net worth" united by a long-established bond of trust. Highly active international entrepreneurs with recognition in their business area and an excellent reputation.  They consider Monaco a potential place for basing and developing their professional activities.
Since Monaco Private Label was created in 2009, around thirty members have moved to the Principality. They see Monaco, in the heart of Europe, as a country where they can prosper and where confidentiality and security are respected.

Our 1,500 members come from 43 countries. MPL is a unique platform for international networking: New Zealand, North America, South America, South Africa, Turkey, the Emirates, Poland, Denmark, France etc.

How are members recruited?

It is a three-step process.

First, an official country-level approach.
The network of consuls outside Monaco (133) helps me identify profiles and invites them to dinners that we organise in their country.  Then the guests are given an MPL membership card valid for life, which demonstrates Monaco’s desire to offer them an exceptional, personalised service when they come here.

Next, we explain that Monaco wishes to set up a lasting trusting relationship with them.  

Finally, we underline our respect for them.
They will benefit from exclusive privileges, but when we give them the card we specify that in no circumstances will we be intrusive: the cardholder comes to us whenever necessary, never the other way round. We respect their decisions and their confidentiality.

In concrete terms, what are the cardholders’ benefits?

We offer them a limit-free luxury concierge service and we rely on a network of local experts. They have one contact only, me. I get back to them with a solution to their problems.
Moreover, every year we give them the chance to attend an MPL International Summit and to attend the F1 Grand Prix and Monaco Yacht Show with optimum conditions.

Is your relationship with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation also very motivating for MPL members?

Absolutely. We emphasise the philanthropic dimension of MPL and our support for the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. Consider that all MPL members promote philanthropy for their part, through their respective countries and with independent actions.
They are highly motivated about joining forces to meet global challenges together, to obtain real, measurable results. At the next summit, on 24 March 2017, three projects in particular will be highlighted:
Be Med, to combat pollution of the Mediterranean with plastics; Biomass Project, to address the environmental costs of biomass in Myanmar; Olhos Agua, to protect sources and the reforestation programme in Brazil. Our members are particularly committed. They invest and they make their networks available. Their effort is real, not just financial.