Reconciling the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing (AML/CFT) and the State of Law

Mr Didier LINOTTE, President of the Supreme Court of Monaco and his Vice-President Mr Didier RIBES, Mr Robert GELLI, Secretary of State for Justice-Director of Judicial Services, and Mr Michel HUNAULT, Director of the Service d'Information et de Contrôle sur les Circuits Financiers met on 29th June for a first informal and symbolic meeting, in the particular context of the Principality's National Risk Assessment (NRA) aimed at MONEYVAL. Their common objective: to combat money laundering while ensuring that the fundamental rights of those subject to the law are respected.

"It is not because the courts are independent that they are not aware that they belong to the State. It is therefore natural that all the State authorities which, whatever their competences, are involved in missions that are, if not identical, at least similar, and in any case convergent, meet each other", underlined Didier LINOTTE, at the end of the tripartite meeting where the LCB-FT was widely discussed. "The Principality's considerable efforts in the fight against money laundering, with the reinforcement of the operational aspect of SICCFIN and the concern shared by the judiciary for effectiveness, are carried out with respect for fundamental rights and freedoms, in accordance with the will of the Council of Europe" explains Robert GELLI. "An effective fight in a state governed by the rule of law". "The exercise of the missions of the financial intelligence unit must respect the rights guaranteed by the judicial institutions", confirmed Michel HUNAULT. "The Supreme Court and the judicial authorities are demanding watchdogs... This is the spirit of our meeting. ".