Robert LAURE: "To be a member of the ICA is to belong to a real and very active network"

Since 1992, the ACI "The Financial Market Association" has been encouraging the development of professional and friendly links between the players of the Monegasque financial centre, and also promotes training. We met its President, Robert LAURE.

The Association is very active. How did it get through de-confinement?

ACI promotes training and the application of the ethical rules of the financial profession. Through our actions, we are contributing to the development of the banking profession in Monaco, and of course we were disrupted by COVID-19. Fortunately, as far as training is concerned, we have been able to keep to the course schedule, with the exception of the last one, “risk management”. But since 9 October, 17 courses have been given free of charge, on eight major themes: treasury, foreign exchange and foreign exchange, fixed income markets, macroeconomics and geopolitics, equities, derivatives, structured products and asset management. And we have consistently seen a high level of participation in the courses.

Did you also have a symposium planned?

Yes, we did. Our annual conference would have been linked to the last training course,and would have presented the investor's risks in accordance with Socially Responsible Investment. We wanted a top speaker in order to make the association even more influential, and our choice was Christian GOLLIER, Managing Director of the Toulouse School of Economics (TSE).
This world-renowned research and training centre brings together more than 150 teacher-researchers, including Jean TIROLE, winner of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Economics.
Christian GOLLIER and Jean TIROLE co-authored the report of the IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. They have synthesized the published work of thousands of researchers, analyzing global trends and predictions on climate change. It would have been fascinating to listen to Christian GOLLIER. It's only a postponement.

As web conferences have been particularly used during the pandemic period, does this inspire you for ACI?

Yes, we could imagine a number of courses being given by videoconference, if it’s more convenient for the speakers and participants. Conferences will still be held face-to-face, and we will continue to hold our friendship drinks and golf tournaments as in the past. Being a member of the ACI also means belonging to a real and very active network.
We are going to meet soon because the Board of the association was to be modified at the end of March. My term of office is coming to an end, after three renewals, it is necessary to hand over…