ACI distance learning courses: a necessary change

2022 02 21 mff aci

There has been significant growth in remote management in the wake of the pandemic, and the same is true of training, which is increasingly delivered as “distance learning”. The ACI Financial Markets Association has been fostering the development of friendly and professional links between stakeholders in the Monegasque financial industry since 1992, and promotes, free of charge, training courses and the application of ethical rules for financial professions.

The topics covered by the training courses have changed over the years to stay fully aligned with current developments and training methods. The 2021/2022 programme can be followed from home. A wide range of one-hour presentations will cover issues relating to the Association’s founding themes: the money markets, the foreign exchange and rates markets, structured products and a broader theme of risk management, including communications.

In addition, the ACI aims to offer in-person sessions focused on specific topics, using a format somewhat similar to university tutorials. It’s a great way to motivate the (already) large number of participants, who will naturally continue to network during the meet-ups regularly organised in accordance with current health precautions. The ACI’s annual symposium is also eagerly anticipated. Last June, the Association hosted Belgian economist Professor Christian Gollier, Director General of the Toulouse School of Economics – which he founded with Jean Tirole (Nobel laureate) in 2007 – and an expert in environmental economics. The event featured two hours of passionate debate and presentations on the theme “Investing for the Climate of Tomorrow!” Thus, in its various guises, the ACI contributes to the development of the banking profession in Monaco.