ACI Monaco: training and investing in human capital

2023 01 23 ACI

Since its creation in the Principality thirty years ago, ACI Monaco has been committed to promoting and giving life to the values upheld since 1955 by ACI FMA: the development of financial market activities, professional and friendly relations amongst stakeholders, compliance with ethical rules of the sector and above all, the promotion of financial training.

30 years : a source of pride, most certainly a sign of success… but also a challenge. Transforming and developing ACI while preserving its achievements: here is the ambition of the new team who recently took the lead of the association.

ACI has conducted several informal meetings over the last months with various local finance professionals in order to table its projects but above all, share thoughts about the challenges of the financial profession and the area of interest of their employees.

New standards, financial innovation, new services and more sophisticated products are amongst the developments that deeply alter the patterns of finance professions. On the one hand towards more specialization due to the growing need for technicians and experts. On the other hand towards more versatility and cross-disciplinary visions. Financial professionals need a global approach, taking in account compliance, regulatory, risk and ethical requirements...

All these ideas and thoughts lead to a full review of the 2022-2023 training syllabus. Fundamental themes such as currencies and foreign exchange, derivatives, bond and equity markets will obviously be on the agenda, but will be tackled in the light of current developments and concerns. The training on structured products for instance will focus on structures most in tune with the market environment, and will deal with European legal requirements related to investors’ protection. Traditional asset classes will incorporate sustainable finance and impacting investing criteria, a major concern to the younger generations. ACI will also introduce cross-topic themes, such as asset allocation or risk management, and address the challenges faced by private banking activities in Monaco.

Beyond fundamental and academic presentations ACI financial trainings give pride of place to concrete and operational examples, scenarios and discussion. For the first time, bank employees will barely represent half of our team of volunteer trainers. Professionals from management companies, investment funds and family offices will join ACI and share their analysis and specific point of view, thus highlighting the richness of the financial microcosm in Monaco. ACI remains faithful to its DNA: an association of women and men committed to their profession and eager to discuss and share their experience.

What about the format ? After 28 years of face-to-face courses, ACI offered remote-only sessions in 2022. With more than 160 registrations the experience was a success. However, although everyone enjoyed the flexibility of the approach, participants clearly stated their need for discussion and interaction. Let us then be pragmatic! For its next training session, ACI will offer face-to-face AND distance learning depending on the subject and even – 2022 innovation! – “blended learning”: this hybrid method allows everyone to familiarise with a given topic using e-learning materials, and then finalize the training by a face-to face session with a professional.

ACI Monaco is heading to its 31st year: deeply rooted in reality and clearly forward-looking!
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