Purchasing property

The advantages of property investment in Monaco

The Principality's international prestige as well as the size of its territory (less than 2 km2) makes Monegasque property a highly specialised market offering investors a number of advantages.

Because of its investment facilities, economic and political stability, real estate investment security and the ability to personalise investments, the Principality of Monaco is an ideal location for all real estate investments.

4 key factors contribute to the potential of Monaco's property market:

  • The exceptional safety and security enjoyed by people and property in the country
  • The Mediterranean climate ensures temperate winters and balmy summers that are never unbearably hot, making Monaco a pleasant destination all year round
  • A particularly advantageous tax system, where the fundamental principle is a lack of direct taxes (including inheritance tax on real estate)
  • And most importantly, a cultural and social environment that allows residents to enjoy international cultural and sporting events throughout the year

These different aspects ensure residents of Monaco enjoy a lifestyle and way of living that is unique in the world, particularly with respect to the Principality's fantastic location in the heart of Europe.
All financial establishments are equipped for assisting with financing property purchases in Monaco.