2022 05 13 andre zilioThe independent investment group SILEX, an expert in asset allocation through its asset management activities and structured solutions, offers decarbonization of client portfolios. Interview with Andre Zilio, Managing Director of SILEX SAM.

2022 05 03 frederic gentaThe Principality's attractiveness is an essential condition for its development. The challenge is to know how to meet the expectations of residents, investors, companies, employees and
and tourists. Thus, it concerns all the themes of government action.

2022 05 03 reunion blanchiementThis morning, under the chairmanship of the Minister of State, Pierre Dartout, was held the 2nd meeting of the Coordination and Monitoring Committee of the national strategy to combat money laundering, financing of terrorism, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and corruption.

2022 03 17 Jagdeep Kapoor

Jagdeep Kapoor, Managing Director of Amberlake Partners, points out one of the differentiating factors of his company: investment products with commercial real estate as an underlying asset.

2022 02 11 gest sophie

As an independent management company working in full transparency, it remains impartial in the advice it provides to its clients.
Its founders define themselves as "Alpha Seekers", always in search of new methodologies for a better service. Meeting with Michael FIORENTINI, co-founder of the company.

2022 02 28 rapport annuel ccafThe Financial Activities Supervisory Commission (CCAF) is responsible for oversight of the Monegasque financial industry. Magali Vercesi, Secretary-General of the CCAF, offers a quick rundown of 2020/21.

2022 02 21 mff aciThere has been significant growth in remote management in the wake of the pandemic, and the same is true of training, which is increasingly delivered as “distance learning”. The ACI Financial Markets Association has been fostering the development of friendly and professional links between stakeholders in the Monegasque financial industry since 1992, and promotes, free of charge, training courses and the application of ethical rules for financial professions.

2022 02 14 leggett

As sustainable investing has gathered momentum over the last decade, much of the focus of the underlying investments has been on climate stability and, more specifically, carbon intensity. This makes sense: direct carbon emissions are relatively easy to measure and therefore, in many cases when corporates have begun non-financial reporting, it’s the first data point they produce.

2022 02 11 gest sophie

Sophie Gest is the first female President of ACI "The Financial Market Association" in Monaco. Since 1992, this association has encouraged the development of professional and friendly links between the players in the Monegasque financial market, and also promotes training.

2022 02 03 payiatakisWhile Monaco has long-been an attractive financial centre, particularly for family capital, to hold onto this position requires it to evolve to become more sustainable.

2022 02 02 Barclays

Barclays Bank is celebrating its 100th anniversary in the Principality this year! This is a source of pride for its CEO Gérald Mathieu, who runs a pioneering bank, the first to be established in Monaco.

2021 12 31 certificats IUMOver the last fifteen years, Monaco’s financial industry has developed around several axes, particularly the growth of an onshore clientele and the determination to increase the share of clients’ financial assets that are directly managed from the Principality. To achieve this, the Monegasque financial industry has focused on moving its actors upmarket, with particular attention being paid to front office professionals. At the same time, the Monegasque authorities decided to improve the culture of confidentiality among all staff in regulated institutions.

2022 01 24 ccinThe Data Protection Authority of Monaco (CCIN) maintains a close relationship with the Monegasque Government and with the financial investigation unit, SICCFIN. We talked to Ms Agnès LEPAULMIER, Secretary-General of the CCIN, about the highlights from 2020/2021.

2022 01 20 herpe

Sustainable finance is taking off all over the world, and nowhere more so than in Monaco, at the behest of H.S.H. Prince Albert II, who authorised the creation of the first sustainable investment fund, CFM Environnement Développement Durable, back in 2003.

2022 03 07 richelieu monaco

In the era of universal banks, artificial intelligence and “one-stop shops” capable of covering all needs, “boutique private banking” may seem to be an obsolete concept.

2022 01 16 evaluation nationale risques

SICCFIN Director Michel Hunault is also Chair of the MONEYVAL Delegation, which is responsible for the Principality’s National Risk Assessment (NRA 2).