2019 03 18 Wenden Philippe

In the context of the improved global economic situation, non-standard measures or quantitative easing (QE) put in place by central banks to revive economic activity seem less justified. However, withdrawing from QE requires forward guidance to limit the negative impacts on securities markets and avoid a mechanically recessive effect.

2019 03 19 Forum Formation AlternanceOn Wednesday 6 March 2019, the Rainier III Auditorium hosted the 8th Forum on Sandwich Courses and the 13th Meeting on Careers in Banking and Finance.

2019 03 11 Magali Vercesi

Protecting investors while fostering the growth of Monaco’s financial centre is one of the foundations of the Commission for the Control of Financial Activities (CCAF). This principle was recently reinforced by a major move when the CCAF joined the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO).

2019 03 Sophie VincentMonaco Statistics (IMSEE) has a new Director as of late January : Sophie Vincent. We gained her first impressions when she succeeded Lionel Galfré, who was very successful in IMSEE since its creation in 2011.

2012 06 finance islamique

International tax cooperation is a mainstream topic after many States signed agreements relating to the automatic exchange of information.


Loïc Chollet-Vergé has been the manager at Caisse d’Epargne Côte d’Azur’s Monaco branch since early 2018. The Institut Polytechnique and University of Berkeley graduate and engineer joined Natixis, where he remained for twelve years, after working as a consultant at Arthur Andersen. We asked him about his vision of Monaco and his plans, after one year in Monaco.

2019 02 25 goalm siccfin

In keeping with the public–private partnership highly valued by SICCFIN, the Monegasque financial intelligence unit (FIU) organised an information meeting to prepare representatives from the country’s banking industry for the future roll-out of the goAML analysis tool. The meeting was held on 7 February 2019 in the auditorium of Monaco’s Vocational and Catering School.

2019 02 27 mfo

Monaco began transforming its financial center in the early 2000s following a worldwide trend, which has brought on increased fiscal transparency. This evolution both predictable and inevitable, has led to a concentration of banks: their number has been reduced from 45 to 30 so far, but these changes remain a real opportunity for Monaco!

2019 02 26 villeroy de galhauSince its creation, the Monegasque Association of Financial Activities (AMAF) - which is at the heart of the action and reflection on reforms necessary for the development of the financial centre in the Principality - has proposed many meetings held throughout the year. In this context, a lunch debate was held on 31 January, with the attendance of many personalities including H.E. the Minister of State Serge Telle, Government Counsellor – Minister of Finance and Economy Mr. Jean CASTELLINI, the new CCAF President Mr. Gérard RAMEIX, and his predecessor Mr. Jacques-Henri DAVID. During the debate the Governor of the Bank of France, Mr.  François VILLEROY DE GALHAU, spoke.  Here is an extract from the talk he gave on a speech he delivered on the outlook for 2019:

2019 02 18 protection invest

Protecting clients is at the heart of the work of all banking and financial regulators.

2019 02 08 certification confidentialite

Gregory Moscato, holder of a PhD in finance, directs the Master in Finance at the International University of Monaco (IUM). In charge of the Finance Certification programme at IUM since 2014, he has been mandated by the Monegasque Association of Financial Activities to supervise the new Confidentiality Certification programme. Meet him.

2019 02 07 siccfin cameroun

SICCFIN, the Principality's Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), represented by Philippe Boisbouvier, Karine Imbert and Jenny Perrot, took part in an inter-sessional meeting of the EGMONT Group, held in Jakarta, Indonesia, from 29 to 31 January 2019.

2019 02 11 trust

Law 1448, adopted on 28 June 2017 by the National Council complements the existing provisions and consolidates the entirety of Monegasque private international law into a single instrument.

2019 02 04 ico tva

ICOs are revolutionising traditional fundraising but they are still subject to legal and fiscal insecurity. As the token has no legal qualification, which is required for tax matters, especially for applying VAT, the challenge is to decide whether the tokens are equivalent to cash, securities or the supply of goods or services.

2019 01 31 logiciel goaml

SICCFIN is currently increasing the security of its IT system, which will also improve its analytical capacity, making it possible, in the long term, for professionals in the local financial sector to send reports of suspicious transactions to SICCFIN electronically.

2019 01 30 vincent olivier

Last October, the Monegasque Association of Financial Activities organised a conference on individual discretionary management. Speakers included Mr. Vincent Ollivier, Fund Manager with GFG Monaco SAM, who talked about "Equity low volatility strategies". We questioned him on this subject.