Financing of Yachts and Megayachts

Although funding of a megayacht by cash payment is possible, it is often preferable to finance the project, from construction, one higher than 40 meters, which allows not raise too much of cash.

Banks that offer this kind of financing state that is not getting a significant tax advantage, but playing on leverage, all the more interesting that interest rates are currently low.

Funding issues are often complex. They often require the intervention of the maritime industry professionals, financial and tax advisors, often in the form of family offices. The expectation of confidentiality required for its operations is respected. Considering the megayacht as an asset, the risk of a total loss by shipwreck is very limited and the depreciation of its value rather slow liquid. Some (few) buyers are even willing to immediately purchase more expensive, a new yacht already sold, for disposal without waiting for the usual construction time.