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2019 01 31 logiciel goaml

SICCFIN is currently increasing the security of its IT system, which will also improve its analytical capacity, making it possible, in the long term, for professionals in the local financial sector to send reports of suspicious transactions to SICCFIN electronically.

2019 01 07 Prost Dumont

The start-up financing journey exists in a complex ecosystem, one which involves numerous and sometimes very different players, which often lack any connection.

2018 12 31 financements europeens

Monaco currently has two coexisting government programmes to offer financing to companies that develop innovative projects: * the Monegasque Fund for Innovation * the Monegasque “EUREKA” fund.

2018 12 20 cema mff

By creating the Club of Monegasque Entrepreneurs in Africa (CEMA) in 2014, the founding members were firstly paying tribute to their enduring links with the continent, their mutual ‘genes’. Their objective is to strengthen these links and to exchange experiences, information and good business practices . More broadly, this thought and action initiative of Monaco-based entrepreneurs in Africa fosters the organisation of bilateral events around prominent African personalities who will share their vision of tomorrow’s Africa.

2018 12 12 monaco luxembourg

Monaco Minister of State Serge Telle and Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel signed a declaration of intent launching constructive dialogue between the two governments on digital issues. The declaration is the culmination of discussions between teams from Luxembourg’s Government IT Centre (CTIE) and the Office of Monaco’s Country Chief Digital Officer, Frédéric Genta.

2018 12 10 ministre etat ccaf

Today, the Minister of State received the members of the Commission for the Control of Financial Activities (CCAF) for a working lunch. The CCAF was established by Act No. 1.338 of 7 September 2007 on financial activities. It is an independent administrative authority that is responsible for supervising the financial activities of the Monegasque financial sector.

2018 12 richelieu

In December 2017, Société Générale de Banque au Liban bought out several KBL European Private Bankers subsidiaries. In July 2018, Banque Richelieu France (formerly BL Richelieu Private Bank), Banque Richelieu Monaco (formerly KBL Monaco Private Bankers) and Richelieu Gestion (formerly KBL Richelieu Gestion) formed a new group named La Compagnie Financière Richelieu. Philippe de Fontaine Vive, former Vice-President of the European Investment Bank, became its Managing Director. Meet him.

2018 10 passeport financier

Finding investment solutions is still a long and arduous process but today’s technology can simplify and accelerate this step.

2018 10 22 identification

Verification of a customer's identity is essential for banks and financial institutions when establishing a customer relationship.

2018 10 cryptographie

As its etymology suggests, cryptography relates to “writing” and “hiding”. So it is closely linked to the notions of integrity, authenticity and confidentiality. From the confidentiality point of view, it refers to techniques transforming a legible message into a message that cannot be read by those for whom it is not intended by using formulas or keys.

2018 09 17 oreilly

Growth equity is a type of private equity investment, generally minority investments in companies looking for capital to expand, enter new markets or acquire companies whilst retaining control of the business.