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2020 05 13Thierry Crovetto

Thierry Crovetto is a financial analyst and advisor, founder of the management company TC Stratégie Financière, a key partner of asset managers and family offices. Wishing to establish a link between Finance and Research, for an academic validation of the proposed analysis models, he focuses on performance optimisation with risk reduction.

2020 04 10 sylvie goulard

Sylvie Goulard, Deputy Governor of the Banque de France and former Minister of the Armed Forces, was invited by the Monegasque Association of Financial Activities to a luncheon conference.

2019 12 16 prometheus

Matthieu Letort is Managing Director and Founding Partner of Prometheus Wealth Management, recently established in Monaco. Meet him.

2019 09 24 regis etienne

Having arrived in Monaco only a few months ago to head Banque Populaire Méditerranée, he considers himself a "demanding humanist" but with great modesty. Monaco’s multicultural environment doesn’t displease this man who "always takes an interest in others".

2019 05 23 crovetto

The Founding President of TC Stratégie Financière SAM established three years ago, Thierry Crovetto is also Professor of Finance at the University of Monaco (IUM, Inseec Group). This finance lecturer and professional moves from theory to practice through his rapidly evolving management company.

2019 04 16 Barclays

Francesco Grosoli has decided to leave Barclays after 12 years. Francesco has been an important part of the growth of the Private Bank in Monaco and in EMEA.

2019 04 15 A Rousseau

Société Générale and Société Générale Private Banking have maintained and strengthened their brand based in Monaco for over 100 years. In the job for just over a year, Alexandre Rousseau, the Chief Executive of Société Générale Private Banking Monaco, takes stock.

2019 01 31 logiciel goaml

SICCFIN is currently increasing the security of its IT system, which will also improve its analytical capacity, making it possible, in the long term, for professionals in the local financial sector to send reports of suspicious transactions to SICCFIN electronically.

2019 01 07 Prost Dumont

The start-up financing journey exists in a complex ecosystem, one which involves numerous and sometimes very different players, which often lack any connection.

2018 12 31 financements europeens

Monaco currently has two coexisting government programmes to offer financing to companies that develop innovative projects: * the Monegasque Fund for Innovation * the Monegasque “EUREKA” fund.

2018 12 20 cema mff

By creating the Club of Monegasque Entrepreneurs in Africa (CEMA) in 2014, the founding members were firstly paying tribute to their enduring links with the continent, their mutual ‘genes’. Their objective is to strengthen these links and to exchange experiences, information and good business practices . More broadly, this thought and action initiative of Monaco-based entrepreneurs in Africa fosters the organisation of bilateral events around prominent African personalities who will share their vision of tomorrow’s Africa.