Insurance Chamber of Monaco

A grouping of insurance agents and brokers

A forum for meetings between colleagues, recognized and active in the Principality for almost 60 years, the Insurance Chamber of Monaco is also part of a larger movement, as a member for the last two years of the Mediterranean Federation of Insurance Brokers.


The Insurance Chamber of Monaco: this body, now well-known, came into being in the early '50s in its original form, that of an association of general insurance agents in Monaco. In 1995, in view of the limited size of the Principality and following ideas put forward by various people in the insurance business, a desire for change emerged. This led to the wish to bring together, in one single body, both insurance agents and brokers, and from this coming-together the Insurance Chamber of Monaco was born. The organization's essential mission is to represent and defend the economic and professional interests of its members and represent the profession as a whole. The Chamber conceives and implements measures that could enhance its prestige. It is also a forum for relationships of friendship and solidarity between colleagues. Concerning the clientele, services to current and potential policy-holders are and will remain the prime concern of all members. Agents or brokers have to satisfy certain conditions of admission, so membership of the Chamber implies a guarantee of integrity, reliability and skill.

Opening-up to the Mediterranean

Having been affiliated for many years to the FEDEM, in 2009 the Chamber decided also to become a member of the Mediterranean Federation of Insurance Brokers. Founded in 2003, this organization corresponds to the desire to create synergies between the representatives of several countries in the Mediterranean basin. Topics on the agenda are the membership of new countries and the organization of a Mediterranean conference in 2013. At a time when the Union for the Mediterranean has still not had concrete impact in the field and thus failed to breathe new life into the Barcelona process, representatives of the private sector have been striving for some years behind the scenes to achieve one of its major goals, that is to strengthen links and partnerships between Europe and the countries on the shores of the Mediterranean. Fully aware of the importance of this natural relationship between countries that, despite their numerous differences, are linked by geography and a shared Mediterranean heritage, the various partners are seeking, through their independent initiatives, to bring together the two shores of Mare Nostrum and thereby promote the economic development of the countries in the region. It is this spirit too that justifies the existence of our Chamber and guarantees its legitimacy.


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CMA - Insurance Chamber of Monaco (Chambre Monégasque de l'Assurance)
"Le Coronado" 20, Av de Fontvieille - MC 98000 Monaco
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