Mrs Sophie Despas-Vatrican, new Director of the Budget and Treasury

Since March 23, 2015, Sophie Despas-Vatrican succeeded Isabelle ROSABRUNETTO at the head of the Department of Budget and Treasury. She is responsible for:

  • Budgeting and accounts of the Constitutional Reserve Fund
  • The responsibility of the treasury and accounting transactions carried out by the General Treasury of Finance
  • Ensuring the supervision of the Principality credit institutions within the framework of agreements with the European Union and France
  • The issue of coins
  • Establishing salaries and managing pensions of the civil servants
  • Examining some loan applications
  • Ensuring the Secretariat of the Commission for Funds Investment

Isabelle ROSABRUNETTO has been appointed General Director of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

The AMAF - Monegasque Association of Financial Activities - delivers them its sincere congratulations.