Legal Environment

2017 06 ACPR

The deputy secretary general of the French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority (ACPR), Mr Frédéric Visnovsky, spoke during the recent AMAF business lunch on the theme of the challenges facing the Monaco banking system and the role of the ACPR.

2017 02 thierry garde

Digitalisation of the working environment offers new opportunities for better reconciling our professional and personal lives. In France, Société Générale has experimented with teleworking since 2013. So it is logical for it to be a pioneer in Monaco, now that the law on teleworking, published in July 2016, provides for its possible implementation for up to two thirds of an employee’s weekly working hours on the conclusion of a Monegasque employment contract or during its performance.
Meet Thierry Garde, CEO of Société Générale Private Banking Monaco.

2016 11 Thierry Crove

Thierry Crovetto, National Council member and Legislation Committee Chairman, is the rapporteur of the bill for the creation of  Multi Family Office operations on behalf of the Finance and Economy Commission. He is also chairman of the management company TC Stratégie Financière SAM and a IUM Master of Finance lecturer. We met him to outline the framework of this Multi Family Office bill and its implications.

2016 07 CFM Martinengo

We met Gilles Martinengo, Managing Director of CFM Indosuez Wealth Management, to go into detail.

2016 09 teletravail

Questions for Mr. Stéphane Valeri Government Counsellor - Minister of Social Affairs and Health : "Teleworking, an opportunity for Monaco".

2016 06 deremieux

Jacques Dorémieux has been Public Prosecutor of Monaco since October 2015. After working in hospital management for seven years, he chose the judicial authorities once and for all. A sitting judge for ten years, then a Public Prosecutor’s department magistrate for almost twenty years, he has extensive experience of all types of crime connected with financial flows.

2016-03 agnes

On 9 March last, AMAF invited the CCIN to meet its members for a conference on the subject of the automatic exchange of information. The event was brilliantly orchestrated by Mrs Agnès LEPAULMIER, Secretary General of the CCIN, and Messrs AOUIZERAT and MENINI, Legal Administrators specialising in finance. You will find below a transcript of what was said.

2015-11 hervo

On 6 November, the Comité Français d’Organisation et de Normalisation Bancaires (CFONB) meetings took place in Monaco, their main theme being "new forms of fraud". We asked Mr. Frédéric Hervo, CFONB Vice-President and Bank of France Director of Payment Systems and Market Infrastructures, about the content of his speech at this symposium.

2015-11 Recontres-CFONB

The Comité Français d’Organisation et de Normalisation Bancaire held its annual meetings on the topic "New forms of fraud" in Monaco on 6 November. We met one of the speakers, Mr. Christian Lothion, Director of the security department and "Security" Advisor of the Fédération Bancaire Française, and former Head of the Judicial Police.

2015-10 bsi-umberto-alonziBSI, founded in 1987 in Monaco, specialises in wealth management. It benefits from longstanding experience, professional competence and the BSI Group’s international contacts. Meet Umberto Alonzo, Managing Director.

2014-04 AMCOMarc Casanova, having taken over from François Poher, is now the new president of AMCO, the Monegasque Association of Compliance Officers.  The current Secretary General of Banque de Gestion Edmond de Rothschild in Monaco, he has spent the best part of his career in the banking sector...