ACI, The Financial Markets Association, firmly established in the Monegasque environment!

2024 03 08 ACI Monaco

ACI Monaco was founded in the Principality thirty-two years ago, as an affiliate of the ACI FMA, established in 1955. Since then, it has carried on the commitments espoused by the umbrella organisation: developing and promoting market activities, encouraging friendly professional relations between stakeholders, expanding access to professional training, and compliance with the ethical rules applicable to the sector.

Though initially made up of foreign exchange specialists and operators, the ACI community quickly grew to encompass every kind of financial activity, as well as other professions operating around asset management. For many years, we have been committed to the idea that finance is a true ecosystem that includes bankers, managers, legal experts, family offices, corporate treasurers, service providers, and so on. Every member, no matter their personality or age, has expertise in their professional field and can bring their own vision to the table.

As of 2023, ACI Monaco is proud to have more than 150 members and is represented at most of the Principality’s financial institutions.

We are grateful to the bank executives and management firms in the Principality’s financial sector, and also to Monegasque institutions like the AMAF and CCAF, for their encouragement and support for our work.

In 2023, as every year, ACI organised a number of free financial training courses open to all, taught by professionals from the financial sector.

The 2023 programme saw more than 450 people attend classes held at the Lycée Rainier III high school, which was kindly made available by the Monaco Department of Education, Youth and Sport.

We are currently putting together the 2023-2024 programme, which will cover fundamental topics such as the foreign exchange markets, bonds, equities and derivatives, as well as more general themes such as risk management or building ESG criteria into investment strategies. The programme will be organised in collaboration with the Monaco Association for Sustainable Finance (AMFID).

Friendly gatherings such as the drinks get-together and the golf challenge remain an important part of our calendar of events, and are as popular as ever.

In addition to our regular activities, 2023 saw some new initiatives at ACI Monaco. A series of round tables was launched last March, led by the Chief Strategist Europe from independent research firm BCA, bringing together around fifteen senior financial sector professionals for lively discussion and debate.

Another new event called “Bet the Market” was held early in the year, where three market professionals presented their investment top tips for the year ahead to an audience of around one hundred. The evening was half-business, half-informal, and the presentation was followed by the launch of an investment competition with a prize for the top-performing portfolio at the start of the following year. Afterward, Keesystem Monaco approached ACI Monaco with a kind offer to upload the competition tables into their portfolio management software, with support from the real-time financial data provider Six Financial Information Monaco, a long-time partner of ACI Monaco. More proof, were any needed, that ACI Monaco is an integral part of Monaco’s financial and economic ecosystem!