The Monaco Association for Financial Activities and the Monaco Economic Board at the 11th World Investment Summit of Family Offices, in Monaco

2020 05 13Thierry Crovetto

Hervé Ordioni, Chairman of the Commission for the Promotion of Monaco's Financial Centre and Managing Director of Banque Edmond de Rothschild in the Principality, accompanied by Justin Highman, Deputy Managing Director of the Monaco Economic Board, presented the Principality's many strengths to more than 150 delegates from the most important international Family Offices. Their joint moderation of a round table discussion "Why choose between business and quality of life? "was also much appreciated by the many participants.

The prestigious Family Offices Summit, hosted at the end of July for the 4th consecutive year in Monaco, aims to bring together the many Family Offices in Europe, the Middle East and the United States, with their diverse cultures but common concerns. Sir Antony Ritossa, founder of the event, allows his guests to explore global investment opportunities, successions planning and human capital management. The very particular situation of the COVID-19 fight this year has given rise to much debate on the most critical issues facing our planet, and on the important responsibility of Family Offices in terms of Wealth allocation and Social Responsibility. "We cannot predict the future, but we are working together to make it better," concluded Antony Ritossa.