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Since the practice of finance work usually requires perfect responsiveness, professionals expect guarantees of efficiency from telecom operators. This is the case in Monaco and elsewhere.


One of the prime benefits of the Principality of Monaco is to provide an ideal framework for the safety of persons living or working there. Regarding assets and particularly works of art, it appears that Monaco has recently developed instruments allowing such people to ensure the safety of their assets, adapted to meet their wishes, in a favourable legal and tax framework.


First, so as to put the answer to this question in context, it is important to take note of the real scope of operation of Family Offices.


No longer just a possibility, it will soon be a requirement.  A European regulation is establishing an internal market for payments in euros, to be in place by February 2014.  It is essential for businesses to start mobilising now.  Explanations.


ETF stands for “Exchange Traded Fund”, a synonym for “Trackers” or “Listed Index Funds” – financial jargon which doesn’t really give the non-expert a very clear idea of what this is all about! In fact these are continuously-listed funds, traded just like traditional shares through orders to sell or buy, and whose purpose is to reflect as closely as possible the performance of a given index.


In the present context of an economic and financial crisis, the Kyoto Protocol, the French “Grenelle de l’environnement” and stimulus plans have placed socially responsible investments and the topic of sustainable development to the forefront of the scene.


Investors on Monaco’s financial market are seeking optimal security for their investments together with the best yield. Today this is a delicate exercise, as it is a case of reconciling what are historically very low monetary rates with an uncertain macroeconomic climate in Europe correlated with public deficits. The one definite vector for growth is that of the emerging countries.


The Islamic Finance sector has grown by 15% per year over the last ten years and the sums involved in 2010 are estimated to amount to 1,000 billion dollars. Standard and Poor’s estimates that the potential market in this sector could be 2,900 billion dollars. The French legal and tax framework offers an opportunity worth consideration by Monaco’s financial markets.

BF 2011-2012 p14-sepa smallSEPA: The Principality activates migration towards the new European payment systems

The creation of an internal market with payment in euros is under way. Monaco is committed to the single area comprising 32 European states and is making rapid progress.

BF 2010-2011 p20-financeverte smallAs from 2002, the Constitutional Reserve Fund of the Principality decided to include “green financing” funds in its investment portfolio. This policy was confirmed on the occasion of a major international call for proposals launched in 2009, the first of its kind for the management of State reserves. In the process of a strategic reallocation of the portfolio to diversify asset classes, a significant part of the allocation is now devoted to an “Environment Sustainable Development Shares” pocket.

BF 2010-2011 p30-microfinance smallAt the instigation of H.S.H. Prince Albert II, the Government of the Principality has launched an ambitious policy of international cooperation for development, with the fight against poverty as its main aim.