Amberlake Partners: offering alternative investment solutions

2022 01 20 herpe

As an independent management company working in full transparency, it remains impartial in the advice it provides to its clients.
Its founders define themselves as "Alpha Seekers", always in search of new methodologies for a better service. Meeting with Michael FIORENTINI, co-founder of the company.

You and your partner have a combined experience of 36 years in leading financial institutions...

Yes, in different jurisdictions like Luxembourg, London, or Monaco.
Jagdeep Kapoor has over 21 years of experience in commercial real estate. He has worked as
He has worked as a real estate investment advisor in Europe at Credit Suisse, Nomura and Moor Park Capital Partners which he co-founded in 2005.
During his career, he has completed real estate transactions worth 7.7 billion Euros. As for me, after more than 15 years of experience in private banking and investment banking at BNP Paribas, Crédit
Suisse Luxembourg and Société Générale Monaco, I specialize in cross-asset investment advice with a strong focus on structured products.

Why did you create Amberlake Partners?

Because over the years, as advisors and clients, we have gained a good understanding of what clients expect from an investment advisory mandate, namely efficiency. Each client has their own notion of what that might look like, as unique circumstances define the type of services they need. We are tailor-made. Our experience is valuable in all phases of the investment process, from analyzing the client's situation, to executing complex self-created transactions.
Furthermore, Amberlake Partners is governed by 6 key principles: Discretion, Innovation, Agility, Independence, Cost optimization, Diversified investment offering. Our goal is to offer investment solutions that are currently not widely available to private clients.

You have a perfect command of structured products and alternative investments...

We provide investment advisory services in several asset classes, with a strong focus on alternative investments (mainly commercial real estate).
We differentiate ourselves by structuring investments directly with issuers, which ensures cost optimization and better service quality. We typically use structured products as part of the equity allocation. They provide investors with a regular risk-adjusted income, while offering a certain level of capital protection through reduced portfolio volatility.
We ensure that the investor has a complete understanding of the
products through an innovative approach developed in-house, and a very sophisticated reporting system via our proprietary tracking platform.

It seems that your biggest differentiator is commercial real estate?

Our experience allows us to access commercial real estate opportunities that are typically traded between institutions. Whether it's office, logistics or hospitality properties, we have developed a securitization scheme that allows us to adapt these investments to the world of private management. Indeed, these investments can now be part of the allocation of a financial portfolio in the form of a note.
Our strategy is not very speculative, as we focus mainly on assets with a high quality tenant committed for a long period of time. Unlike commonly offered funds, the investor knows exactly which building he owns and who his tenant is, while all the management of the investment is taken care of.
This is an excellent alternative to bonds in the current context.
This approach also allows us to collaborate on a B2B basis because we allow other third-party managers or asset managers to co-invest with us in a club deal format. It is indeed an asset class that cannot be ignored but requires a particular know-how on the part of the manager.

What would you like us to remember about Amberlake Partners?

That in order to guarantee independence in the choice of investments, we work with a totally transparent fee structure.
Our size allows for agility and responsiveness to the client. As a firm, we pride ourselves on simplifying the investment process, from the explanation of a desire to the execution of the investment, on alternative asset classes. This is an added value that we are happy to bring to the Principality where we have great ambitions, which currently involves the recruitment of "Wealth Ambassadors", a term that we feel is most appropriate for our business. We prefer employees with an entrepreneurial mindset.