2020 11 Hunault

Mr Michel Hunault, Honorary French Member of Parliament and Member of the Council of Europe has been a rapporteur for anti-money laundering and corruption legislation in France, transposing European Conventions and Directives. A lecturer at the Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris he coordinated the collective publication “Fighting corruption, money laundering, and tax fraud - ethical requirements in financial movements”. Since August 2019, he has been Director of the SICCFIN (Service d’Information et de Contrôle sur les Circuits Financiers - Financial Network Information Service) in Monaco. He has been a constant champion of the SICCFIN since the French parliamentary investigation commission of which he was Vice-President.

2020 12 Effie-Datson-Barclays

Barclays Private Bank has conducted a study on the transfer of Fortune in Family Offices. Could you tell us more about the terms of this study (how many people were interviewed, profile of the people, etc...) and above all why did you carry out this type of study?

2020 11 SICCFINLast November, at the initiative of Mr. Michel HUNAULT, Director of SICCFIN (Service d'Information et de Contrôle sur les Circuits Financiers), a progress report on the National Risk Assessment (ENR) was organised, bringing together more than a hundred people. This extremely rare attendance during a pandemic* underlines the constructive links between SICCFIN and the representatives of the various professions, associations and foundations in Monaco and the strategic importance of this ENR.

2020 11 Menke Henriques

The coronavirus crisis is an unprecedented disaster for humanity, an external shock to the global economy the likes of which we have never seen before. If somebody had told us, around the turn of the year, that the global economy would be shut down in order to contain the spread of a virus that had originated in an animal market in central China and that it would cause the most severe recession since the 1940s, we would most likely have shaken our heads in disbelief. Generally, we think that the coronavirus crisis is accelerating existing structural trends rather than creating new ones. We have taken a more detailed look at economics, politics, globalisation, society, inequality, healthcare, digitalisation and investing, to examine how the COVID-19 pandemic will affect these areas.

2020 11 UcariAlain UCARI manages the Pictet Group’s banking arm, which was recently established in Monaco. He is also Secretary of the Monaco Association of Financial Activities (AMAF) and Chairman of the AMAF’s Anti-Money Laundering and Professional Certification Committees. We asked him some questions about his work.

Antony Stent-Torriani, Deputy Administrator for Monaco Asset Management, is Vice-President of the AMAF and in charge of the Association’s Commission des Activités de Gestion (Asset Management Activities Commission).

2015-01 penta-advisory

Hervé Ordioni, Chief Executive of the Banque Edmond de Rothschild in Monaco, is President of the “Promoting the Monaco Financial Sector” Commission within the AMAF (Association Monégasque des Activités Financières - Monegasque Association of Financial Activities).

2020 11 Franzi

Mr Etienne Franzi, President of the AMAF (Association Monégasque des Activités Financières - Monaco Association for Financial Activities) and the Compagnie Monégasque de Banque, describes the wide-ranging work of his association.

The National Council has been extremely active and responsive in the context of the pandemic, in April creating within it the Special Commission for Analysis of the COVID-19 Crisis.

2020 05 13Thierry Crovetto

President of the Cahiers Verts de l'Économie since 2009, Jean-Pierre PETIT has been elected best market economist several times at the Extel France Financial Analysis Grand Prix. Author of several award-winning books, including "La finance, autrement" (Finance, autrement), which won the Prix Spécial Turgot, and "La Bourse, rupture et renouveau" (The Stock Market, rupture et renouveau), which won the Grand Prix Turgot for best financial economics book, he gives us his impressions of the before and after of COVID.

2015-01 penta-advisory

Loïc Chollet-Vergé has been managing the Caisse d'Epargne branch in Monaco for more than two years. He gives us his impressions of the unprecedented period we are going through, and of the future of his establishment.

2015-01 penta-advisory

Loïc de Villeneuve took over the management of LCL Monaco a little over a year ago. He shares with us his thoughts on the positioning of his establishment in the Principality and on the Monegasque financial center.

2020 05 13Thierry Crovetto

Hervé Ordioni, Chairman of the Commission for the Promotion of Monaco's Financial Centre and Managing Director of Banque Edmond de Rothschild in the Principality, accompanied by Justin Highman, Deputy Managing Director of the Monaco Economic Board, presented the Principality's many strengths to more than 150 delegates from the most important international Family Offices. Their joint moderation of a round table discussion "Why choose between business and quality of life? "was also much appreciated by the many participants.

2015-01 penta-advisory

After Penta Advisory Monaco SAM, and Penta Asset Management SA in Switzerland, the tandem Maurice Benezra, founder of the Group, and Franck Biancheri created Penta Monaco Multi Family Office SAM, a wealth management services company, at the beginning of the year. Franck Biancheri, former Minister Plenipotentiary for Foreign and International Financial Affairs, explains his strategy.

2020 07 21 AlainHervé Ordioni is Chief Executive Officer of Banque Edmond de Rothschild in Monaco and Chairman of the " Market Promotion " Commission of the Association Monégasque des Activités Financières (AMAF). In this period of crisis, here is a topical point.

2020 04 22 El Masri Serene

Alexandre Rousseau, Chief Executive Officer of Société Générale Private Banking Monaco, shares his thoughts on Post-COVID.