2018 09 24 blockchain again

The business model of the banking industry is undergoing a major upheaval under the pressures exerted by technological advances and new regulations.

2018 09 17 monacotechFabrice Marquet, Director of the Monegasque incubator MonacoTech, is a scientist and has the pragmatism of one. After a PhD in biomedical engineering, he became a researcher at Columbia where he stayed for three years. For over a year now, he has headed up MonacoTech, the Principality's first incubator, a challenge he could not resist.

2018 09 17 oreilly

Growth equity is a type of private equity investment, generally minority investments in companies looking for capital to expand, enter new markets or acquire companies whilst retaining control of the business.

2018 09 12 moneyval

The 56th Plenary Meeting of the MONEYVAL Committee was held on 2-6 July in Strasbourg.

2018 09 Magali VercesiMagali Vercesi, Secretary General of the Financial Activities Control Commissions, has a complete picture of the financial centre and its evolution, not only locally but also within an international market currently challenged by crypto currencies.

2018 09 11 icos

Blockchain technology is currently making waves, reflecting the enthusiasm shown for other innovations in their era, such as the microprocessor in the 1970s and the internet in the 1990s.

2018 09 03 fintechs invest

"The global fintech industry is at an inflection point and set to drive a major digital transformation in the financial services industry"

2018 07 30 bitcoin

The future of bitcoin has been much discussed in the media recently, while various major names from the finance sector have expressed concerns about the volatility of the cryptocurrency created in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Will public interest in the new asset grow or peter out? Here are our thoughts...

2018 07 23 tracabilite orBlockchain users in the logistics sector agree that the technology will rapidly form a dominant infrastructure within supply chains and will soon become a regulatory requirement in digital logistics chains.

2018 07 16 blockchain

Whether it’s a passing fad or a genuine revolution, the term “blockchain” is popping up in conversations from neighbourhood cafés to the most serious circles.

2018 07 rotschild

In keeping with the family values, "Concordia, Industria and Integritas", Rothschild & Co and Edmond de Rothschild, both present in the Principality, have reached an agreement on the use of their respective brands in order to continue growing their businesses and their customers.

2018 07 Jean Luc DelcroixMonaco Post Office comprises 6 branches, with a seventh in the Larvotto district shortly, 180 employees in all sectors. Constantly evolving multifunctional expertise is needed to manage this delivery liner. Meet its Director, Mr. Jean-Luc Delcroix.

2018 06 cifaMay 21 - 23, 2018 Hotel Hermitage, Monaco.

2018 06 aciRemember that 27 years ago, ACI Monaco (Association des Cambistes Internationaux - The Financial Markets Association) began its training programme, a pillar of its values. Meet Mr. Robert Laure, the association's president.

2018 05 protection donnees

On the initiative of the Prince's Government, an information day on the implementation of the EU's new regulation on the protection of personal data was held for representatives of the main Monegasque economic players in the private sector, representatives of the public sector, the parapublic and institutional entities.

2018 04 ory jean philippe

The Monegasque Association of Compliance Officers (AMCO), founded in 2000 on the initiative of the  Monegasque Association of Financial Activities (AMAF), plays a key role in the financial centre mainly in relation to the new regulatory challenges. Its chairman, Jean-Philippe Ory, Director of Compliance with Barclays, wants strong and clear communication on the Association’s role.