Since 1992, the ACI "The Financial Market Association" has been encouraging the development of professional and friendly links between the players of the Monegasque financial centre, and also promotes training. We met its President, Robert LAURE.

The primary objective of The Monegasque Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (MISES/IMSEE) is to produce meaningful and informative statistical data on the economic performance and social environment of the Principality of Monaco.
You may find the key statistics and conclusions of these analyses by consulting the publications below.

2020 05 13Thierry Crovetto

Thierry Crovetto is a financial analyst and advisor, founder of the management company TC Stratégie Financière, a key partner of asset managers and family offices. Wishing to establish a link between Finance and Research, for an academic validation of the proposed analysis models, he focuses on performance optimisation with risk reduction.

2020 04 22 El Masri Serene

Union Bancaire Privée (UBP) is a pure-play private bank specialising in wealth management for private and institutional clients. Sérène El Masri was appointed Site Manager of UBP’s Monaco branch one year ago. We spoke to her about her impressions of Monaco as a financial centre.

2020 04 10 sylvie goulard

Sylvie Goulard, Deputy Governor of the Banque de France and former Minister of the Armed Forces, was invited by the Monegasque Association of Financial Activities to a luncheon conference.

2020 03 Alain UcariWith 530 billion euros in assets under management at the end of 2019, the Pictet Group, founded in 1805 in Geneva, is one of the world's leading international asset managers. Its 4,500 employees work in 28 offices around the world. The branch, which was recently opened in the Principality, is managed by Alain Ucari, a specialist in Private Banking.

2020 03 23 monaco techLionel Galfré, Director of the Institut Monégasque de la Statistique et des Études Économiques (IMSEE) since its creation in 2011, then joined the Délégation Interministérielle chargée de la Transition Numérique (DITN). Now the new Director of MonacoTech, he looks forward to his mission with great enthusiasm.

2020 03 18 mcpl galaMonaco Private Label (MPL) is an international network of "Ultra High Networth Individuals" created in 2009 to attract a super global elite to the Principality. It is headed by Michel Bouquier, a professional in the fields of Luxury, Tourism, but above all Marketing, for him symbolising innovation. This is why the MPL concept is constantly evolving, for the benefit of Monaco.

2020 01 13 capital riskThe principal challenge for Private Equity (PE) investors wanting to augment their portfolio with Innovation investments is to find the “golden nugget” early enough to enjoy a multiple return commensurate to risk. Traditionally, PE investors are categorized as “pre-revenue” and “post-revenue”; pre-revenue being family and friends for very early stage and angel investors following, and post revenue investors being Venture A and B funds. Within these, there exists a further delineation, however for purposes of this article, the above will suffice.

2019 12 crovettoAs manager of the mandatory social security scheme, Caisses Sociales de Monaco has a major responsibility for Monaco’s employees, pensioners, self employed and their households. Meet Bertrand Crovetto, Deputy Director of Caisses Sociales de Monaco, to understand current CCSS issues better.

2019 12 16 prometheus

Matthieu Letort is Managing Director and Founding Partner of Prometheus Wealth Management, recently established in Monaco. Meet him.

2019 11 13 charte egaliteThe employers' representatives of the Principality have just signed the Charter for the Equality of women and men at work proposed by the Department of Social Affairs and Health, in relation to all stakeholders and the Committee for the Promotion and Protection of Women’s rights.

2019 10 meeting michel hunaultOn October 2nd, Mr Hunault met the actors of the Monegasque Finance at a luncheon organized by AMAF (Monegasque Association of Financial Activities).

2019 10 gfg funds

In a low interest rate environment, the stress experienced in the markets is evident. Two years ago, GFG (Groupe Financier de Gestion) Monaco started launching Alternative Alpha Strategy, a selection technique for liquid alternative investment funds developed in-house by GFG Lab, GFG’s quantitative division.

2019 10 diplomes amafOn Wednesday, Minister of State Serge Telle, in the presence of the relevant authorities, received staff members who had passed the Monegasque Professional Certification introduced by the Prince’s Government at the initiative of the Monaco Association for Financial Activities (AMAF).

2019 10 04 rousselot

According to the results of the fourth barometer published by the Association Française du Family Office (AFFO), private equity makes up 21% of allocations. Assets under management in private market funds had reached $4 billion and $2.5 billion in private equity at the end of 2017. In the face of this strong demand, significant challenges are now emerging that fintechs need to address in order to support the development of private equity.